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Birds nest health benefits

Why is Bird’s Nest Good for Your Health?


For hundreds of years, Chinese culture has hailed the health benefits of bird’s nest in high regard, especially when prepared in it’s most popular form; bird’s nest soup. There are a lot of health benefits to be derived here, but to keep it simple, regular consumption of these nests will enhance your general well-being. A bowl of bird’s nest soup is rich in glycoprotein, acts as an energizer and is rich in growth factors, all of which contribute to a stronger immune system.

Enhance tissue growth & regeneration


Amino acids and mineral salts are also important components in bird’s nest. Amino acids (threonine and valine) can be found and these could facilitate normal body functions such as cell repair and promote immunity.

Anti Aging


Bird nest contains galactose without fat. Threonine found in bird’s nest supports collagen and elastin formation, these two substances are important in the restructuring of skin cell structure and when combined with glycine can prevent wrinkles as well as anti-aging, anti-acne, reduce the formation of pigmentation spots leaving the skin smooth and full of vitality.

Intestinal immune


The result has shown eating bird nest could promote the proliferation and activation of B-cells and increase IgE, IgA, IgM, and IgG3 levels. Bird Nest extract can promote the secretion of sIgA in the small intestine.

High energy


In addition to amino acids, swallow bird’s nests contain a large amount of protein (45-55% by weight). Bird’s nest contains glycoproteins, a high energy substance that the body can easily absorb. Moreover, there are 31 elements that are found in edible bird’s nest. For example, bird’s nest are rich in calcium (Ca), iron (Fe), potassium (K) and magnesium (Mg).

Traditional soup cure


For possibly 1,200 years, the Chinese have prepared and eaten the nests as a soup. With a high nutritional and medicinal value, its believed to have everything from anti-aging and anti-cancer properties to the ability to improve concentration

Enhances libido


Birds nest also contains six hormones, including testosterone and estradiol, which will raise libido for both man & woman.

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